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Child In Speech Therapy


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We've had the opportunity to work with Barbara for several years. She helped both of my sons with feeding difficulties and Speech delays. My youngest son did not transition to solids very well and Barbara helped him with the mechanics of chewing and educated us on how to help continue his skills at home. He also had a motor speech delay and she was instrumental in helping him communicate. He went from speaking one to two-word utterances to full blown sentences a year later. He is now a confident talker. My older son has severe food allergies and recently experienced an allergic reaction. He then became very anxious about foods. Mealtime was stressful for him. Barbara has helped decrease his anxiety and showed him that food is actually fun. She helped us revamp our mealtime so that it can be an enjoyable family time for all of us. I don't know where we would be without Miss Barb! 

~ Kim B

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