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Unlocking Your Child's Potential 

At CHASING UNICORNS, I understand the importance of early intervention and provide a range of pediatric speech, language and feeding services for children birth to early elementary. I believe that every child should have access to care that is tailored to their needs, and I strive to create a supportive and welcoming environment for your child. I am passionate about helping your child reach their full potential and specialize in helping children with a variety of communication and feeding difficulties, including autism spectrum disorder, Apraxia, language delays, and more.

Why Chasing Unicorns ?

“Chasing Unicorns” is a term that is used in the medical world and it means to look beyond the obvious, to dig deeper in order to get to the answers of the most complex medical challenges. Because kids and babies can’t really tell us what they are experiencing, it is important that those of us who treat them are always willing to chase the child’s unicorns in order to provide the best and most appropriate treatment(s).

chasing unicorns

Our family is incredibly grateful and honored to have been able to work with Barbara! She has made SUCH AN IMPACT in our lives with her endless support and knowledge. She is the kind of therapist who will get down on the floor with your child, not afraid to get dirty, and curate plans to help your child’s unique, individual needs. She approach’s problems with innovative, outside-of-the-box solutions. Barbara is an extremely delightful intellect whose passion for her work is seen through everything she does! Our daughter has made leaps and bounds and is truly flourishing due to the hard work Barbara has dedicated to helping her.

~ Kelsey J

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